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On-Demand Ad Serving

Control your ad inventory anywhere, anytime. Upgrade and downgrade anytime to meet your budget.

Live Ad Reporting

Real-time reports on ad performance metrics and your audience so you can maximize ad revenue. See the power of big data in smart reports.

Ad Serving Made Easy

User-friendly interface makes ad management and ad serving simple. Technical and programming knowledge is not necessary.

Fast & Reliable Ad Server

Established in 2016. Millions of ads served, each within milliseconds. Our global infrastructure is designed & tested for high speed and availability.

Smart Targeting

We offer advanced targeting solutions to reach your specific audience from all types of industries

Customer Driven

Talk to our friendly & knowledgeable customer care team. Suggest your ideas and we will deliver a solution just for you.

Experience the Most Innovative Content-Style Ad Platform

We're the only ad platform that delivers the perfect combination of premium inventory, brand-safe assurance, extensive reach, and proprietary ad units designed to drive ROI.

No ad platform is more vigilant when it comes to website screening and content monitoring. Our vigilance has earned us AdSafe's highest brand-safety rating. That means you'll never need to field calls from clients who are angry over a bad ad placement!

Divided in two categories. Desktop and Mobile. This will allow you to target specific operating systems such as Windows 7, Mac, Android or iOS. Wizards BD offers geo targeting (zip code, DMA, state), and interest targeting on all ad units.

Discover why Wizards BD is a premium publisher’s first choice

Grow Your Revenue

Wizards BD’s full suite of monetization solutions will help you grow revenue by attracting top advertisers, as well as help monetize inventory that’s not currently generating revenue. Wizards BD’s proprietary technology can provide you a roadmap of CPM values for every placement within your owned and operated inventory.

Standard and Advanced Ad Units

With Wizards BD, you can meet all display ad requirements, including standard IAB units, as well as Wizards BD's proprietary AD2News® -- a premium unit that delivers 3x better performance.

Robust Reporting

Get detailed insight into the value of your inventory. Compare how sites or sections perform, and identify price trends that will help you set CPMs that reflect market demand. Real-time reporting, provides number of impressions shown, click-through rate, cost-per-action, cost-per-click, and a robust suite of other key metrics.

Smartest advertising solution at your reach!

At Wizards BD, we are dedicated to make our publishers and advertisers the champions in digital world by expanding brand reach and creating the utmost synergy between the two. We are here to make sure you get excellent results with all our smart advertising solutions!

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