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Revive the Lost Art of Effective Behavioral Targeting


Know your audience

Need the undivided attention of a precise audience or demographic group? Then testing out Wizards's behavioral targeting solution is a good place to start. It's secure, simple and transparent.

Right now, millions of people are surfing their favorite websites, reading blogs, playing games, updating social networking profiles. Do you know exactly which people are likely to prefer your brand? Do you know when, where and how often they go online? Behavioral targeting combines proprietary and third-party data sources to predict the precise locations where your brand and your target audience will intersect.

Behavioral targeting allows you to spend your advertising budget more carefully, while improving results because your advertising campaign is more focused. Wizards's behavioral targeting solution connects you to some of the richest, most valuable audience data available.


The technique of behavioral targeting delivers advertisements to audiences who are actively seeking your offering or have a history of visiting websites of a similar content or topic to your product or service.


Behavioral targeting is a simple yet powerful online advertising method that generates very effective and efficient results while minimizing wasted budget. To learn more read our behavioral targeting definition.


Wizards offers a number of behavioral targeting categories to choose from. Ranging from Arts & Entertainment to Personal Finance to Style & Fashion, Wizards's self-serve advertising platform offers the behavioral targeting category to meet your online advertising needs.


How Behavioral Targeting Works?


The Lost Art of Effective Behavioral Targeting

When people click through to your website, they do so with different goals and purposes in mind. The force that drives your visitor - whether it's the search for information, the desire to buy, or they simply clicked on your link by mistake, will determine how they behave on your website. Many of the landing pages and websites on the Internet provide the same experience for all the various different forms of visitor that may arrive there. This is why the web is crammed full of call-to-actions from companies trying to appeal to every visitor, but end up appealing to no-one. So how do you make your website or landing page more effective? Behavioral targeting could be the perfect solution.

Behavioral targeting involves customizing the adverts that you display according to individual behavior. These advertisements could be segmented according to visitors that approach your website at certain times, or the amount of time that they spend on your web pages - alongside various other things. Using numerous technologies and tools, companies can track the actions of internet users analyze them to develop a profile for behavior, which advertisers can use to create messages that target that user. Approximately 24% of digital marketers are using behavioral targeting today - but how do you ensure that you're optimizing the method effectively?

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