Serve large libraries of content using our optimized edge-caching infrastructure

Lightning-fast, massive ad assets delivery system
Built for the modern web, optimized for objects of all sizes


AdSqaure Accelerated Ad Delivery System (AdSquare CheetahX)






Rapid Delivery

Load time

0 ms


End-to-end ad acceleration
for non-cacheable content

  • Dynamic Content Acceleration

  • HTTP Caching

  • Small Object Delivery

  • Instant Purge

  • Mid-Tier Cache

  • Script Engine

  • Ingest and Store

  • CDN load balancing as a service

  • Transmux

  • SSL & Secure Delivery


Support for large libraries with high asset turnover

Deliver advertising assets quickly to avoid slow page load times.

Response Time Matters
Whether your advertising assets include high definition video or thousands of small images, time to first byte matters. Ads that don’t display don’t get seen…and don’t convert. We’ll deliver your online and in-app ads fast so they won’t impact page load times.
Customizable Script Engine
Use our advanced script engine to write customized rules for how your ads are delivered. Create delivery rules based on customer data, including geography, device type, time of day, etc. You can choose from our existing catalog of scripts or customize your own on multiple factors unique to your ad platform.
Persistent Connection
Our dynamic content delivery speeds up delivery of dynamic ads – take advantage of our network’s industry leading throughput. Speed up not only video ads but also small objects which are traditionally hard to deliver.
Light Weight

Faster than light... Almost

Together with the HyperDelivery system, the invocation code is also extremely light weight taking up minimal capacity making the ad rederening less bulky and increasing the speed of loading.

Light weight in capacity guarantees better UX & faster loading speed.

Dynamic Content Acceleration

Effectively deliver dynamic ads to create custom web experiences for the individual customer. For content that is not cacheable, we create a persistent connection between the end user and your origin, so one-to-one delivery is as fast as content that is cached on our edges. Whether you have an e-commerce offering or curate video and images for each web visitor, serving dynamic content with the confidence that it will be delivered lightning-fast is paramount.

Data Driven Targeted Advertising and Recommender Engine (ATARE).

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