Header-Bidding solution

Access to High-Value Users Through Header Bidding


Empowering Publishers

Bidder was first to introduce header bidding to publishers in Bangladesh and remains the highest performing solution available.

Increased Competition

Experience strong competition from secure, high quality demand partners, including 100% of top 100 advertisers.

Dynamic Bids

Fully optimize the value of every impression prior to any ad server decisioning.

Superior Technology

Eliminate passbacks that create discrepancies and drive down revenue.

Launch your design

A Comprehensive Header-Bidding Solution

Header bidding is a stepping stone to the next level of programmatic advertising. Always on the side of content providers, Wizards is developing products that take content providers one step closer to a fully holistic and transparent solution. We are working thoroughly to enable, simplify and expose all of the cooperating elements of digital advertising our content providers are facing and together, build on the future of the adtech ecosystem.


How Header-Bidding Works?

The process a user visiting a page using Wizards Bidder and being served an ad can be described in five steps:

  1. A user visits a page with Wizards Bidder implemented. The Bidder script directs an ad request to the Wizards Ad Exchange.
  2. RTB providers, consisting of thousands of buyers, simultaneously bid on the impression.
  3. The highest bid is inserted into the ad request and is passed to your ad server. Your ad server compiles all line items eligible for the ad request, including the bid passed from Wizards Bidder.
  4. Your ad server takes the highest eligible CPM to its ad exchange to see if it can beat that price.
  5. The highest price wins the impression and the ad is served.

Data Driven Targeted Advertising and Recommender Engine (ATARE).

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