Lets Get Familiar With Mobile Advertising.

The biggest hurdles in multi-screen mobile advertising are solved with Wizards's Advertising Platform. There are several different ways to buy mobile inventory using Wizards. The procedures are similar to display advertising, but they vary slightly depending on how you want to buy.

There are two types of mobile inventory available: in-app and device-optimized web sites. In-App involves applications that are installed on mobile phones and tablets, (i.e., Angry Birds), whereas Device-Optimized websites are websites that are optimized for viewing and interaction in browsers on mobile phones and tablets.

Add Value

Mobile advertising is a great deal more personal than simply reaching out to a huge audience over the Internet. With the use of targeted data and cookies, you can tailor your mobile advertisements to individuals

Various Formats

Mobile advertising solutions allow you to access media opportunities all the way from apps, to mobile responsive websites, to social media banners, you can make the most of the formats that are most likely to appeal to your target audience.

Constant Testing

Discover new and improved ways to measure metrics and learn more from the information that mobile browsers offered by us, customize your mobile advertising experience to ensure that you always pinpoint your target audience at the time they are most likely to convert.

Any Device. Anywhere

Extend your advertising reach into the exciting World of mobile. Reach your target audience regardless what device they are on by incorporating a mobile advertising strategy. Target users by behavior, geography, content or even by a specific mobile device.

Advertisers can target (and report on) in-app and device-optimized website impressions by:

Device Type
Phone, Tablet, or

Desktops & Laptops

Device Make & Model
Apple iPhone,

HTC Droid Incredible, etc.

NTC, Worldlink, Subisu,

NCell, Vianet etc.

Connection Type
Carrier-based or wifi/static
Mobile OS
Android, iPad, etc.
Mobile Browser
Android, Blackberry, etc.

Data Driven Targeted Advertising and Recommender Engine (ATARE).

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