Wizards Deep Native Advertising Framework

We empower Native Advertising.


What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a method of presenting online media without disrupting the user experience. The ads follow the layout and functionality of a website in which it is placed.

Native ads are a responsive ad unit built in real-time to match a particular publisher’s content and design. Native offers improved user experience and greater performance than traditional display ads by providing users a cohesive browsing and ad experience.

Paint it the way you Like it

Wizards Native Advantages

  • Improve user experience with less intrustive ads
  • Six times higher response rate than traditional display ads
  • Personalized in real-time for each publisher’s site and individual user
  • Delivers across all media types including mobile browser, in-app, desktop, etc
  • Aligns with IAB LEAN ad guidelines
  • Ability to overlay Wizards targeting tactics, including Geo-Targeting, for maximum reach potential
  • Emerging ad format with limited competition and expanding inventory
  • Engaging Native Ads

    Improve user experience with seamless
    and uninterrupted content ads.

    Publisher Content 1
    Wizards Native Ad
    Publisher Content 2


    Native ads are built from a variety of flexible components below provided by the advertiser:

    • Image: 1200×627, recommend for scaling
    • Title Text: 25 character max
    • Body Text: 90 character max
    • CTA Text: 15 character max
    • Destination URL

    With Wizards, you can create native advertising campaigns in such a way where content remains consistent whether it’s served in a standard native format, or in a more customized framework. Wizards technology has the right combination of accuracy and power, so you can leverage impression-level targeting and reach your desired audience at a global scale.

    Wizards uses these components to build a creative ad unit in real-time that blends seamlessly into a publisher’s content and design. Watch the demo below:

    Seamless and uninterrupted content ads

    People Love Content
    Not Ads


    Increase in CTR


    Increase in View-Throughs


    Increase in Sharing

    Data Driven Targeted Advertising and Recommender Engine (ATARE).

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